Pressure Vessels

The scope includes stationary pressure vessels which are divided into different licensing categories depending on pressure, volume and medium.

Transportable pressure vessels and all vessels and equipment designated to the defense, nuclear, aerospace, railway, mining and shipping sectors are excluded from the scope. These are subject to separate and more specific regulatory requirements, verifications and standards!

Identifying and/or excluding equipment not subject to the license requirements isn’t always clear, and even if your equipment doesn’t specifically fall under TSG-regulations, there could quite easily be the need to meet some other regulatory requirements. The interpretation of “transportable” and “stationary” is also not always clearly defined, and it is almost impossible to interpret the regulatory requirements applicable to the scope of the piping.

It is crucially important that you get things right from the very beginning. Failing an audit could well mean going back to start and having to re-invest time, costs and effort. Our experts are familiar with the correct interpretation of rules and regulations and will efficiently guide you through the process.