Audit Assistance

The license audit faces the applicant enormous organizational and administrative challenges. The applicant is expected to take care of the well-being of the team of auditors as well as the preparation of the audit. And that goes far beyond normal working hours.

Chinese auditor teams generally consist of 3 members. As a rule, one of the auditors will have a fairly understandable command of the English language, but this shouldn’t automatically be assumed. The team only speaks Chinese amongst each other.

Although not explicitly mentioned, (but actually self-evident) Chinese auditors always show great interest in western ways of life and expect a full hospitality and entertainment programme. Continuous attendance is also expected should you be unfortunate enough for your audit to run over a weekend. We can plan an appropriate programme if requested.

Having a third party available to take over translations etc. during the audit has proved extremely beneficial. (Optionally available in certain countries). We are fluent with the Chinese and English technical terms which allow us to take the stiffness out of an audit and bring the atmosphere down to that of a simple pleasant and friendly meeting.

Use our audit support to give you a further advantage in successfully gaining the SELO License.