Clearance Certificates

You may quite as easily encounter difficulties whilst importing licence-free pressure devices into China. Mainly due to the fact that pressure equipment specialists aren’t employed by the Chinese customs. Customs officials usually play it safe and quarantine anything that hasn’t been clearly declared. Long and extremely expensive delays are the result.

We can check the need for licensing for you and issue a clearance certificate stating that your products are exempt from the mandatory licensing process. (No clearance certificates are issued by the official Chinese authorities).

Chinese customs may request further documentation for license-free pressure equipment if they feel it necessary (e.g. China Environmental Labelling (CEC) or China Energy Label (CEL) or China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) etc.).

Such documents are always good to have – and always bad if you don’t! It is too late when a customs officer asks to see them and they’re not available.

Don't let it get that far - contact us before shipment. We can clarify which tests or certificates may still be necessary. All we need are the tariff numbers!