External Support or Inhouse Solution

We are specialists in our own field. Getting the advice and support from independent, third party experts will definitely prove beneficial. Our experience and knowledge is best bought in addition.

Our methodology will quickly bring you closer to your goal - irrelevant of you being a first time applicant or if you “simply” require a renewal, amendment or extension of an existing license. Please also keep in mind that framework conditions are constantly changing.

Preparing the SELO-Manual is a major time consuming factor - that is why we follow a common thread from the very beginning. This saves valuable time and financial resources.

The registration takes place exclusively online by means of the special SELO software. We can take complete care of this for you, leaving your employees to concentrate on what they do best.

Experienced support is essential during the pre-audit period, it is vitally essential to keep the number of possible deviations as low as possible. The more experience put into this - the clearer the procedure! In short: Efficiency saves you time and money. That's how we work.

Never the less, surprises can never be completely ruled out. Therefore it is important to identify as many deviations as possible during the pre-audit. Difficult situations that turn up during an official audit can best be solved with professional support. That is our competence. This is where we can help you.